About Us

Our mission is to build an independent, credible media company, which tells stories that matter. On the internet, business and chaos. Paid for by readers.

Q: What is The Morning Context?
We are a research and media company. We tell ambitious, timely, deeply researched and well-written stories. For subscribers only.

Q: What do you mean when you say, internet, business and chaos?
Great question.

Internet: Our world is now littered with corporations and people trying to make money from the internet. Companies springing up everywhere, valued anywhere from chump change to billions of dollars, delivering anything from a bar of soap to education to a chance to book your seat on the rocket to the moon. This world, at the intersection of human need, the internet and companies large and small, is complex and needs to be unraveled.

Business: Business is at the very heart of human endeavour. Ever growing, ever-changing, prospering and dying. The Morning Context hopes to chronicle the big stories of businesses and the people who run them, across industries and countries.

Chaos: Sometimes things just don’t make sense. The Morning Context will get in and make sense of it. From our apathy to global warming to the future of automobiles, if there is one.

Q: Can I read your stories without subscribing?
No. Before you ask about trials, we’ll get there in just a few questions.

Q: Why should I pay?
Good journalism costs money to produce. We believe readers should pay for it, rather than advertisers or sponsors.

Q: How many stories will I get?
100+ stories a year.

Q: That doesn’t sound like too many.
We started The Morning Context because journalism has a quality problem. We are solving that first, which is why we will only publish stories that meet our rigorous standards and not because we have a certain quota to meet or page to fill.

Q: Do you have a trial subscription plan?
No. But we do have an I’m-on-the-fence plan. You are already on it the moment you sign up as a reader on www.themorningcontext.com. Once you sign up, you are able to:

  • Read 12 free-to-access stories in a year (one per month).
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If you enjoy what you read, you can subscribe anytime.

Q: How much is the subscription?
Our subscription plans are here.

Q: Is there an option for a refund?
No. But if there’s something that you don’t like, we’d definitely want to hear from you.

Q: Who do I turn to if I have more questions?
We have a prompt support team. Just write to us at support (at) themorningcontext (dot) com.