Blanket restriction of Chinese FDI is pointless

I understand that anything to do with China in these current times is a delicate matter. But I guess both of us will agree that an informed, sane conversation is the need of the hour. Earlier this week I received the following message as a WhatsApp forward: 

“Uninstall China Apps. Tik Tok, PUBG, Helo, Shareit, UC Browser, Vigo Video, Beauty Plus, Cam Scanner, Club Factory, Zoom. China is earning crores of money per day by above apps. You should uninstall these apps as soon as possible from your mobile & ask 10 friends to do the same. Shall we start this from today? This challenge makes sense in the current situation. Accept the Challenge! #BoycottChina…We must..if we can. I did my bit.”

Let me be up front about this. Till such time that India has an app store where users have the freedom to download the apps they like, stuff like this is just individual feats of delusion.

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