Announcing the TMC 40

When all is said and done, all that matters in assessing a listed business is—you guessed it—profits. And the quantum of those profits will ultimately depend on the size of revenues. A small company, after all, cannot spin out outsized profits.

Extend that concept to business reporting, and you arrive at a neat little formula that has two variables—revenue and profits—and four combinations in which they can play out. Profits and revenues rising or falling in tandem or diverging.

In one way or another, the two variables spawn all the business stories there are. 

We are, of course, not overwhelmed with what is out there because reporting on businesses is our business. We have  pledged to cast a clear light on what matters. Especially on listed companies. 

That’s what we have set out to do with our TMC 40—the companies that will form the core of our business coverage.

The TMC 40, like a carefully selected stock index, accounts for a big chunk of revenue and profits of all businesses in the country. Managing them, one assumes and hopes, are some of India’s best business brains.

Casting aside traditional labels like marketing, HR, tech or ops, we will discuss themes that we think are important to maintaining current and future leadership in profits and revenues.

In two of our previous stories, we examined the strategies of two entrepreneurs—Ajay Piramal and Kishore Biyani—and pointed out why it didn’t work for them. In our story on Reliance Jio and Facebook, we examined how Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man, is trying to monetize his investments.

This treatment sometimes extends to companies outside of TMC 40 too: In our TTK Prestige piece, we documented how the pressure cooker maker made a windfall profit by turning to non-traditional marketing. 

You can find the full list of TMC 40 companies and all the stories we have published on them so far over here. All suggestions are welcome. We will be mighty pleased to make changes to our list, should you convince us.