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The Morning Context team
The Morning Context team
24 November 2020

We’ve said this before. The Morning Context exists to serve just one person—you, our reader. 

About eight months back we figured that we have to go beyond the usual, which is that we cannot expect all readers to always take the leap of faith and opt for a subscription to read us. If you look around, subscription offerings from media companies today look like we’ve all been cut from the same cloth. There’s some sort of a free trial, followed by an annual, monthly or a quarterly subscription plan. The more adventurous ones, and there are a few of those, have a pay-per-story model.

We said, there has to be a better way to do this. To create something that’s for everyone. And that’s how we began working on our credits approach. We pitched this to the Google News Initiative, and got selected for the GNI Innovation Challenge for the Asia-Pacific region. Thanks to their funding, today we are finally rolling out our Starter and Privilege Credits offerings.

Privilege: It is what it says it is. You have the complete freedom to decide what you want to read. You buy credits, use them to read our long reads and newsletters, plus access a whole lot of other privileges (coming very soon), and once you’ve run out of credits, you can recharge. According to our current plan, you can purchase 10 credits for Rs 499. No hidden charges.

Starter: This is our panacea for all of those readers who long for free trials and get suckered into either giving out their credit card details, or enter into some sort of convoluted arrangement. We don’t want any of that. In fact, we’d love our free trial users to be able to read some of our best, most popular stories. And for that we decided that anyone who signs up with The Morning Context gets 10 starter credits. And you can use that to read our curated Starter stories collection. No credit card, nothing. Once you run out of starter credits, you can earn more starter credits (coming very soon), or choose to acquire Privilege credits to read more.

This is just the first iteration, we’ve only just begun. There’s a lot more coming. 

The Morning Context has raised money from a clutch of investors, entirely in their personal capacity. It is quite likely that some of them may be directly or indirectly involved in a competing line of business similar to the companies we write about. Our full list of investors is here