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Introducing Ashok Raaj
Ashish K. Mishra
Ashish K. Mishra
31 July 2020

Finally the day arrives! From the time we started The Morning Context, we’ve grown from writing two stories and a newsletter to four stories and a newsletter, every week. While the story count went up, editorial resources to edit the stories fell on the good shoulders of my colleague, Pranav and me. 

We’ve long been in search of a good copy editor, who can not only edit but rewrite and ask the hard questions of journalists. Someone who I like to say can make a good copy great. Let me be honest: this is an increasingly rare skill in Indian newsrooms where much of this talent has been cornered by news wires. 

In that context I am extremely glad to have Ashok Raaj join us. We’ve been colleagues together in my stint at Mint and I fondly remember working with him.

Ashok has 25 years of experience in editing copies, 16 of them with The Times of India. He’s worked with India Today, Businessworld and Mint. His most recent assignment was with The Hindu. He says it’s been so long fixing good, bad and ugly copy that he can’t stop himself from finding typos even in restaurant menus and movie subtitles.

He is a significant addition to the team, in pursuit of our mission to tell the best stories on Internet, Business and Chaos. Ashok lives in Chennai, our first hire from the beautiful city, and you can reach him at ashok (at) mailtmc (dot) com.

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