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Introducing Team subscriptions
Priya Bubna
Priya Bubna
13 January 2021

Since I joined The Morning Context in November last year, my top priority has been to speak with our subscribers and get to know them better and improve the company’s various product offerings. Which is why it gives me great pleasure today to finally launch Team subscriptions. 

We’ve put a lot of thought and work into this. In the sea of discounts, the most common strategy for selling bulk subscriptions, we went back to the drawing board to say there has to be a better way of doing this. The result of several brainstorming sessions, which includes my team members, Ashish, Irshad, Pranav, Vindhya and Harveen, and our development partner Ajency, we finally zeroed in on our Privilege Credits strategy. It follows our philosophy that the choice must be in the hands of the reader. 

In our Privilege Credits plan, a company can decide to purchase as many privilege credits, depending on the team size. Distribute credits across team members and pay for only what the team is reading. The team admin can see in real time how the privilege credits are being used which is important since a subscription is useful only if people are reading it. What’s even better is the renewal process. Once you run out of credits, simply recharge and you are good to go again. 

All of us at The Morning Context are big believers that people need to pay for good journalism and true as that maybe, we’ve got to give the power of choice in the hands of our readers.

Lastly, a big shoutout to our existing Team subscribers. From the likes of Netflix, Tata, Spotify and Locus, among several others. Head over here and get your team a subscription, gift them the power of knowledge. 

This is just the start. A lot more is in store.

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