On the record
Launching our new student plans
Priya Bubna
Priya Bubna
24 February 2021

Last year in November when we moved to our redesigned website, we discontinued our student subscription. While we’d planned that we would think through our different offerings, add and delete on what works and what doesn’t, and launch the plans in a sort of staggered way, this did not go down well. Several disappointed students wrote to us, asking us to get our act together.

I am really glad that today we are launching our student plans which goes beyond just a discount on the retail price. 

The key realization we’ve had in our internal deliberations is that even among the student community, there exists a lot of information asymmetry. So while the top colleges attract the best talent and have access to the best reading and research material, as you sort of move down the pecking order, opportunities of learning begin to disappear. There are multiple reasons for this. A. Money. B. Network. C. Will. 

With the internet as pervasive as it is, and distribution no longer being a problem, we said this is a good mission for our student subscription approach. 

In terms of price, we are offering a 40% off on our retail price for a 1 year subscription. And 50% off for two years. So Rs 1799 / $59 and Rs 2999 / $99 respectively. More importantly, this time around we are creating a student community. We believe free flowing conversations among students is one way to bridge the information asymmetry. In addition we are also working on building a specific  resource piece which our subscribers can access to access reports and additional material, which they can put to good use for projects, discussions, presentations, etc. 

Check out our plans here.

I am excited to have a mission to anchor our student subscription offering. A lot needs to be done here, and while I’m actively looking for partnerships and benefactors to roll this out in the ambitious way we’ve thought about it, I believe we are just getting started.

Do spread the word out, if you work with students or colleges. Write to me at priya@mailtmc.com if you’d like to sponsor subscriptions for students, even if it is for just one person. I’ll make it happen.

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