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Meet Akshay
Ashish K. Mishra
Ashish K. Mishra
01 March 2021

We are diving deeper into our public-interest Chaos reportage and building on the strong foundation of stories written by my colleagues Roshni and Pradip. While I will cover what we plan to do with Chaos 2.0 later this week, I am extremely glad to welcome Akshay Deshmane to The Morning Context.

Akshay Deshmane

Akshay is an investigative reporter. Sharp and meticulous. Based in New Delhi, he will write about the environment, public policy and economy from the lens of the pulls and pressures of an ambitious democracy. Akshay uses the right to information extensively for reporting stories of vital public interest. A keen student of law, especially environmental law, he keeps a close watch on the interaction of policies and laws. Over the past decade and more, he has worked for HuffPost India, Frontline, The Economic Times, Down To Earth and DNA.

Please join me in welcoming him to the team. You can reach him at akshay at mailtmc.com.

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