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The Morning Context announces funding from Rainmatter Foundation

Priya Bubna
Priya Bubna
12 April 2021

Update: This post has been updated to reflect that the Rainmatter Foundation support is in the form of a grant.

The Morning Context’s editorial coverage has three pillars: Internet, Business and Chaos.

Right from the start, the public interest, narrative journalism stories filed under Chaos have been close to our hearts and also to several of our readers. They have covered a swathe of subjects, ranging from education, healthcare and technology to yoga and religion. Last year, we took a hard look at what we’d published, over 50 pieces, and decided there was a need for a sharper Chaos 2.0. Where we focus on fewer but important subjects, where our writing can make a difference.

Quietly, we’ve been on that journey for the past many weeks now. Chaos 2.0’s mission is to write the best stories on: A. Environment and climate change. B. Conflict.

In that context, I am glad to announce that The Morning Context has secured a grant from the Rainmatter Foundation to bolster our environment and climate change coverage.

Founded early this year, the Rainmatter Foundation’s mission is to fund climate entrepreneurs and support individuals and organizations working on climate change solutions. With Rainmatter’s support, we hope to put out stories that do justice to the urgent issue of protecting our fragile world. More importantly, these public interest stories will sit outside our paywall and be available to read for everyone, thanks to our innovative Starter credits approach.

We have said this multiple times, and it is as good a time as any to reiterate that The Morning Context is a journalism-first company. Nothing matters more to us than the stories we do.

Thank you for supporting our journalism.

The Morning Context has raised money from a clutch of investors, entirely in their personal capacity. It is quite likely that some of them may be directly or indirectly involved in a competing line of business similar to the companies we write about. Our full list of investors is here
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