The Morning Context’s monthly plan

“Love reading The Morning Context.”

“Hey guys, greatly value your journalism…”

“Beautiful piece. I have, somewhere in my book collection, a comparison of how the “same” history is taught in India and Pakistan. I should go back and read it sometime.”

“…Your last piece on Paytm went viral, received it as a pdf forward. You may want to put a header and watermark at least, so people know this is The Morning Context.”

The above are just a few of the several comments that we’ve received on our stories. Our subscribers love reading us, and we couldn’t be more grateful for that. In the short time that The Morning Context has been around, one thing is clear; readers will pay for journalism that’s deeply reported and written well. Subscribers value the credibility of journalists. Many of our readers have shown the tenacity to seek us out, either on email or social media. And they’ve told us how much they value our journalism, and also what they like, dislike or disagree with. Compared to the disconnect and remoteness of big media, we see ourselves and our small media company as privileged.

Since our launch on 23 September last year, we’ve only had a single way to read The Morning Context: our annual plan. Today, we are adding another. Our monthly plan. Starting at Rs 299 a month in India, and $9.99 a month for the rest of the world. The idea is simple: you get to choose between flexibility and commitment, whichever suits you better as a reader. On that note, we love all our subscribers, but we tend to love the committed ones a little more. So we’re working on a couple of exclusive perks for them, like direct access to our writers on Slack, apart from the obvious monetary savings.

Another quick thing. Our special introductory pricing on the annual subscription at Rs 1999 will live for another week. Starting 13 January, we are moving to full price at Rs 2499. So if you’ve been holding off on subscribing to us, this might be a good week to do it.