Hotstar’s honeymoon period is ending

Caught between a global media merger and executives jumping ship, the Indian video-streaming giant seems a little lost

Everyone gets the same message. Executives, mid-management and junior employees across departments. If it isn’t mentioned during the interviews, the HR folks make sure that the fresh hires know: “It’s a company that is unlike other consumer tech firms.”

“‘We are challenging and taxing. Work is a priority especially when important projects like the IPL are on,” a former Hotstar employee recalls his days at the video streaming company.

It doesn’t take more than a week to find out that “unlike other consumer tech firms” was the harsh truth and then some—a fact that the company keeps reminding you. At department meetings, at company town halls and every time you fail to achieve a target or execute a KRA. “You don’t forget, not even for a single day, Hotstar doesn’t let you,” says this person.

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Cover image by www_slon_pics from Pixabay 

Illustrations by Swati Addanki.


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