How Byju’s catches parents

Paranoia, aspiration, greed, FOMO—these are all prey the edtech beast hunts

Eighteen thousand rupees.

That’s what stood between the child’s present and the parents’ hope for a better future. The parents wanted to give their child a shot at a better education, something they never had. They would happily give a limb away in exchange. And yet, despite all their efforts, all they could arrange was Rs 1,500. The bridge to the future was already crumbling.

The Byju’s salesperson from Maharashtra remembers that breezy day around December 2018 like it was yesterday.

“The parents were extremely vulnerable. To be honest, every parent is,” he says over the phone. “But that set of parents, their eyes, I can’t forget. They told me, ‘We want to do something for the child, we want to give him what we didn’t have, but we can’t afford simple things.’”

He told them about the learning app and how it could help their child in his education. He also told them about the option of taking a loan from Capital Float. Over an hour into the meeting, he finally made what he remembers as his most desperate sale. “I had a feeling that I would get a refund call soon from the parents,” he says.

In the last half-decade, Byju’s has revolutionized learning, which remains the heart of its operations. But sales is the oxygen it breathes. At any given point, the company has around 2,500 salespeople working in the field, chasing leads and targets, scouting for parents.
Because parents are the key—they are the eventual buyers and need the convincing. It is essential, therefore, to understand how Byju’s gets parents.

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Illustrations by Swati Addanki.


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