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  • India’s savings crisisPradip K. Saha
    India’s savings crisisHousehold savings in India have been in a tailspin over the past five years, hitting a nearly two-decade low. The household savings rate stood at 17.2% of gross domestic product in 2017-18; that’s only marginally up from 17.1% in 2016-17, which was the lowest since 1996-97, and the savings rate has dropped in almost every […]
  • The end of the beginning for the gig economyIrshad Daftari
    The end of the beginning for the gig economyIn some senses, there’s a parallel endgame being played out in India compared with the US and North America where the gig economy is concerned. (And before you ask, no, neither scenario has been contemplated by Dr Strange.) As Pradip hinted at in his story on the mental and financial strain gig workers face, it’s […]
  • How the world’s biggest two-wheeler market collapsedAshish K. Mishra
    How the world’s biggest two-wheeler market collapsedThis is the first edition of Things Change, The Morning Context’s weekly newsletter. Things Change will land in your inbox every Thursday with sharp, original insight on subjects making the news, but which must be understood better. It will be written by the best writers and subject experts, both in-house and external. Let’s cut to […]
  • Sacred Games and Netflix’s millionsHarveen Ahluwalia
    Sacred Games and Netflix’s millionsThe date is 24 July 2019. About 20 days before Netflix’s most popular Indian series, the crime thriller Sacred Games, returns with a second season. But the American video streaming company is busy making a different announcement. A first in its history. Netflix can’t stop stressing the fact that subscribers in India watch more content […]
  • Flipkart vs Amazon is a closer call than you thinkSaif Iqbal
    Flipkart vs Amazon is a closer call than you thinkLast week, I wrote about India’s online festive sales period, and broke down how the sales battle plays out and the current state of Indian e-commerce along five parameters. Today, now that both the first and second “waves” of the sales have run their course, and the third wave has started, we’re going to get […]
  • Less SoftBank, more venture buildersKabeer Chawla
    Less SoftBank, more venture builders In the last few months, enough words have been spent on SoftBank and the several ills of its kind. WeWork, Uber, Lyft, Peloton. It’s not a great time for venture capital. Investors around the world are (hopefully) rethinking how they value tech and what you would call tech-enabled startups. Venture capital models, especially late-stage VC, definitely need review, but today I’d like to talk about a different form of startup investing, one that doesn’t get as much screen time—venture builders. Almost an antithesis of the classic VC approach.
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