Making money from putting four people in a car

For 10 long years, quietly tucked away in Bengaluru, MoveInSync has been slogging to solve the problem of employee transportation.

The drudgery of going to work is a ritual as old as modern, urban life itself. Seen purely from the lens of mobility, human beings have come a long way in the last few hundred years. From horses to carriages to rail to a whole host of inventions aspiring to meet the ever-increasing comforts of the personal office-goer.

In India, Ola and Uber and a host of lesser known startups covering pretty much all modes of transport—from buses to two-wheelers—are trying to solve the problem of getting people from point A to B.

A man like Deepesh Agarwal, however, thinks here’s a specific problem to solve and profit from.

I met Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of MoveInSync Technologies, at his office in Bengaluru’s HSR Layout. Even though it is a 10-year old company, chances are you’ve never heard of it. Unlike its neighbours Udaan, the B2B e-commerce company, and, a fitness startup that combines gyms, food delivery and meditation; both are valued in the billions of dollars.

A simple explanation for MoveInSync is that it is a mobility company. It matches its customers—mostly companies looking to get their employees to work—with cabs on predefined routes and timings all converging to a time when an employee is supposed to show up at work.
Edited excerpts from our conversation follow:

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Illustration by Swati Addanki.


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