Nobody is buying The Viral Fever’s story now

Not long ago, TVF was one of India’s edgiest content creators. Then it just fell off the grid, and is now hawking itself to potential suitors.

Rejection is a potential outcome of matchmaking, as much as it is of fundraising.

You hang out with people, pitch your company and tell them why they should invest. Talks progress but soon, it is either a flat no, or if you are in India, some version of a no. And then in a few weeks, it is on to the next suitor.

For about 18 months, The Viral Fever has been on the road to raise money. But one of India’s oldest video streaming companies, one which found both fame and money not so long back, is now struggling to drum interest. At a time when mobile internet connections are cheaper than a bottle of water, content consumption is at an all-time high and every company with even a handful of internet users wants to make it big in video, investors should have been making a beeline for a sliver of TVF. Except, they are not.

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