Oversize #5: Alibaba Cloud at a crossroads in India


While the Alibaba Group is recognized as a force in e-commerce, the company’s cloud computing business isn’t talked about much outside of mainland China. Alibaba Cloud was the world’s third largest and the Asia-Pacific’s largest infrastructure as a service, or IaaS, provider by revenue in 2019 (Gartner, April 2020). IaaS is what is commonly referred to as public cloud—compute, storage, networking, etc. that you can use to run your own […]

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Lead photo by Daniel Cukier via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-ND 2.0. The Morning Context has raised money from a clutch of investors, entirely in their personal capacity. It is quite likely that some of them may be directly or indirectly involved in a competing line of business similar to the companies we write about. Our full list of investors is here.


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