Quikr is a dumpster fire

Twelve years since it first opened for business, millions of dollars in funding and several acquisitions later, the company is a mangled mess

If you follow the news cycle that started earlier this year, you’d almost start believing that things are looking up for Quikr, a company that used to be an online classifieds business.

A unicorn, valued at over $1 billion, Quikr does not get the sort of breathless coverage that other revered Unicorns do. Not because Quikr is loved less. It is only because no sane individual can accurately decipher what exactly Quikr is up to at any given point in time. The company’s strategy can put shifting sands to shame. There are points in time, as it wildly acquired company after company, that this writer thought of Quikr as a chameleon. Only to later regret that a chameleon is intelligent.

If you ever want to put venture money to shame, perhaps tell the story of its degradation, you would do well to tell the story of Quikr.

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Lead image by Matt Chesin on Unsplash.

Correction: The column headings for the years in the breakup of Quikr's revenue were reversed in an earlier version of this article. The table has been corrected and updated.


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