What’s holding up a Swiggy-Zomato merger?

It is no secret that the two companies have been talking for forever now. But they just might have waited too long

There shouldn’t be any ambiguity about this. This story in particular is an exploration on the subject of consolidation, which for the most part has been playing out in India’s foodtech business. 

For almost the whole of last year, there have been constant rumours and reports of constant conversations between Zomato, one of the oldest foodtech companies in India, going back almost a decade, and Swiggy, the Bengaluru-based delivery startup, which for the last five years or so has been the country’s most promising food delivery company.

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Cover image by Kai Pilger on Unsplash.

An earlier version of the copy said that Scootsy is a local player. It is not. The company was acquired by Swiggy. We regret the error. 


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