The Spotify playlist in India

Spotify is one of the last to enter the music streaming party here. Does its game plan make sense?

India has more than 10 music streaming companies competing against each other. But you’d be hard pressed to tell them apart.  The content is alike. A library of millions of songs, with the top 20-30 trending tracks driving about 70-80% of the consumption. Most, like Times Internet-owned Gaana or Reliance Industries’s JioSaavn, have the same freemium business model—part advertising, part subscriptions. The exceptions are the subscription-only Apple Music and Amazon […]

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Cover image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.

An earlier version of this story said Spotify has 250,000 podcasts available in India, a figure sourced from the company in an interview. Spotify reached out to us after publication with an updated figure of more than 500,000.


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