What’s going on behind Hinduja v. Hinduja?

How what is perhaps the biggest inheritance battle to rock an Indian family since the Ambanis split in 2005 is playing out.
tug of war

Early last week, the news broke of a hitherto unknown battle within the Hinduja Group. A London court issued a decision allowing Vinoo Hinduja, the daughter of the patriarch of the $20 billion Hinduja Group, Srichand Hinduja, to fight a legal battle with his three younger brothers on his behalf. Some details quickly came tumbling out—that the Hinduja brothers, for decades among the tightest knit business families in Indian business […]

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Lead photo by falco from Pixabay.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Shanu Hinduja doesn't hold a position in the group; she is chairperson of Hinduja Bank.

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