WhiteHat Jr and the evolution of edtech in India

The edtech company is expanding rapidly as fear of future job markets push a growing number of parents to enrol their children for coding classes

An accident changed the course of life for the Patnaiks and their five-year-old son Venkat. In April 2018, Kuldeep, Pramila and their son Venkat were driving back to their hometown of Balangir in Odisha from Kolkata, West Bengal, a distance of about 750 km, when they met with an accident. Although they escaped unscathed, it shook the couple to their core. To this day, if Kuldeep sees a road accident, […]

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Cover image by Arif Riyanto on Unsplash.

Inline image of a book on coding for children, courtesy Swati Popat Vats.

Clarification: The story has been updated to include false aspirations sold to parents by several companies in their marketing frenzy.

The Morning Context has raised money from a clutch of investors, entirely in their personal capacity. It is quite likely that some of them may be directly or indirectly involved in a competing line of business similar to the companies we write about. Our full list of investors is here.


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