Abhishek Baxi

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Abhishek writes on technology trends, gadgets and SMBs, and has over a decade of experience—both as an industry watcher as well as a participant. He quit Microsoft in 2011 to become an independent digital consultant, and to write more, travel randomly, watch a lot of movies and wake up late on weekdays.

Aditi Rao

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Aditi Rao is a writer, teacher and potter. She is the founder of Tasawwur, an arts-for-social-change programme for teenagers in Delhi, the author of two collections of poetry, The Fingers Remember (2014) and A Kind of Freedom Song (2019), and the “happy” in HappyMess Ceramics. She also teaches creative and academic writing, and splits her time between New Delhi and Shimla.

Anahita Mukherji

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Anahita Mukherji is an independent journalist based in Silicon Valley. She was earlier an assistant editor at The Times of India, where she wrote on a variety of subjects, including the environment, child rights, education and the Right to Information Act. For The Morning Context, Anahita will cover immigrant narratives and stories at the intersection of technology and society from the heartland of US tech. Write to her at anahita(dot)mukherji(at)gmail(dot)com.

Ashish K. Mishra

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Ashish writes and edits at The Morning Context. In his 14 years of journalism, Ashish has written some of the best business feature stories and co-founded India’s first subscription-only digital publication, The Ken. He has previously worked as a deputy editor at Mint and as a writer at Forbes India and The Economic Times. In his ongoing assignment, he is a new, anxious parent, always looking for parenting tips, blogs and books. You can write to him at ashish(at)mailtmc(dot)com (or drop by at Cafe Zoe, Mumbai where he is found most days of the week).

Divya Siddarth

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Divya Siddarth is a researcher focusing on building, testing and studying impactful technology in India. She is particularly interested in the future of work, digital democracy and cooperation and collectivization. She’s also equally invested in musicals, sunsets, skateboarding and the perfect cup of chai. She has worked with organizations such as Microsoft Research and the Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford.

Frankie Huang

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Frankie Huang is a Chinese American cultural writer, illustrator and strategist based in Shanghai. Her work has appeared in publications such as Foreign Policy, The New York Times and SupChina, and explores feminism, diaspora identity, and social issues in China and beyond. You can follow her on Twitter @ourobororoboruo.

Gaurangi Agarwal

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Gaurangi is an applied economist whose interest is identifying patterns in the economy and what people say about it. Having worked as a quantitative economist in evidence-based policy design, she usually won't believe you if it didn't come from a well-conducted survey or the Bible.

Harveen Ahluwalia

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Harveen writes on the business of social, digital and traditional media at The Morning Context. In her previous assignments, she has written stories across media, food and retail sectors at Mint and The Ken. For pitches, tips or just a cup of coffee, reach out at harveen (at) mailtmc (dot) com.

Irshad Daftari

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Kabeer Chawla

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With over a decade of experience in business development and strategy, Kabeer Chawla is chief operating officer and co-founder at Sancus Networks, a tech-enabled sales and distribution company. He has worked with companies like Jabong and CupoNation in the past, managing operations, strategy and sales. Currently based in Geneva, Kabeer will tell stories at the intersection of technology, retail and entrepreneurship. Reach out to him at kabeerchawla(at)gmail(dot)com.

Nikhil Varma

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Nikhil has been a journalist for 12 years. In his last assignment at Deccan Herald, he was part of the business desk, where he edited and reported stories on technology companies. Before that, he worked at The Hindu, where he wrote and edited stories on technology and automotive businesses. At The Morning Context, he will write on internet companies, the important ones who dominate their segments. From food delivery to ride-hailing to online commerce and more.

Prachi Sibal

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Prachi is based in Mumbai and has been a features writer for over a decade. Her work has appeared in publications such as Scroll, Huffington Post India, Open magazine and The Ken. She has written on subjects ranging from the performing arts and culture to South Indian cinema. Occasionally she is piqued by a business trend that marks a shift in current culture. When not tracking trends she can be found blending her own perfumes.

Pradip K. Saha

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Pradip tracks stories of human endeavour in a world full of chaos at The Morning Context. He has been a journalist for over a decade, writing and editing news and features across newsrooms at The Ken, Mint and Deccan Chronicle. Write to him at pradip(at)mailtmc(dot)com.

Pranav S.

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Rewriter and commissioning editor

Pranav has worked at some of India’s top business publications as an editor and/or writer. In his last assignment, he was a desk editor and occasional reporter at The Ken, prior to which he was on the desk at Mint. At TMC, he edits and commissions long-form reportage. Send pitches to pranav(at)mailtmc(dot)com.

Roshni P. Nair

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Roshni P. Nair is an award-winning journalist who is no good with bios. As a features writer who's worked with The Ken, Reuters, Hindustan Times and DNA, she has written across beats ranging from science and subcultures to gender and history. Have a wild story to share? Mail her at roshni (at) mailtmc (dot) com.

Saif Iqbal

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Saif has built large consumer-tech platforms in India, working with all major e-commerce players. He has over a decade of experience working at the intersection of technology, strategy, and digital at companies like Goldman Sachs, AT Kearney, Snapdeal, and LG Electronics. He is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee, Rutgers University and the Indian School of Business.

Sundeep Khanna

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Sundeep Khanna has, in a career spanning three decades, donned multiple hats across corporate and editorial roles, and is one of the foremost chroniclers of business in India. In his last assignment, he was executive editor of the financial daily Mint; for The Morning Context, he will write on corporate governance in India every fortnight in his newsletter, Friction.

T Surendar

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Surendar, or Suri, writes on anything business, no exclusions. For two decades, he has written on the twists and turns of India’s largest firms in Businessworld, The Times of India, India Today, Forbes India and most recently in Fortune India. Reach him at surendar(at)mailtmc(dot)com.

The Morning Context team

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Vardhan Koshal

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Vardhan Koshal was adventurous enough to pursue a master's in economics after his engineering education in the late 2000s. He started his career with Citibank US, working on their credit scoring team, and then started a ride-sharing startup that was sold to Carzonrent in 2015. He has held India leadership positions with Udacity and Tripadvisor and has consulted for multiple startups on product and growth. He is now working on a post-COVID-19 personal finance solution.

Varun Sood

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Varun is a Bengaluru-based journalist. In his thirteen-year stint as a print journalist, he has worked with a number of publications, including Business Standard, the Financial Times, The Economic Times and Mint. He is a graduate from the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. He is looking forward to his first book, an unauthorized biography of Azim Premji, which will be published by HarperCollins in October.