How urgent is India’s budget on climate change?

The good news is that our annual budget now recognizes climate change as a priority. The bad news is that there is a long way to go.

What a day to start this newsletter. Even the Union budget now includes climate change and other “green” endeavours as listed priorities. This was unimaginable even five years ago, when the environment and its role in the budget (and our consciousness) was limited to good-looking animals, the Ganga river, or as a roadblock to the economy’s animal spirits (pun intended?).

All that continues, but now we have growing recognition that environment and climate issues are critical and closely linked to the economy, and require budgetary support.

The goal of all climate action is to reach a point where climate change …


Nihar Gokhale

Nihar Gokhale led the Chaos coverage at The Morning Context. Nihar wrote on the environment, the economy and resource conflicts in India. He has reported from across the country on everything from displacement, pollution and environmental violations to land regulation, corruption and human rights. He was earlier associate editor at Land Conflict Watch, and his work has appeared in Scroll, The Wire, IndiaSpend, The Caravan and Mongabay India.

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