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What is The Morning Context?
The Morning Context is published by Slowform Pte Ltd. We are a research and media company. We tell ambitious, timely, deeply researched and well-written stories. Most of what we publish is for paying subscribers only.
What do you write about?
Our stories cover three large interest areas: Internet, Business and Chaos. In Internet, we write about technology companies and startups, where our stories focus on original reporting, investigation and analysis. In Business, we write on large, publicly listed companies, where we focus on corporate strategy and governance. Chaos is our shape-shifting bucket where we write about everything that’s urgent, complicated and needs to be understood better in the world—from education policy to the environment, even yoga.
How many stories do you write?
We publish one in-depth story every weekday, more than 200 in a year. This doesn’t include our subscriber-only newsletters like the weekly Things Change and the fortnightly Oversize and Friction. All our stories are also accompanied with a sharp, 200-word summary that lands in your inbox every morning at 8.00 am, Indian Standard Time.
Can I read your stories without subscribing?
We have a free starter plan with which you can read a mix of stories and newsletters. Just sign up and we will credit a certain number of credits in your account. You can then spend your credits in reading the stories from our curated starter collection. No credit card. No hassle. You can check the tutorial video below to see how to unlock stories using starter credits.
What are credits?
As an alternative to our subscription plans, you can purchase credits that you can then use to unlock specific articles of your choice. There are two types: Starter credits, which you get for free when you sign up, and Privilege credits, which you buy.
Why should I purchase credits?
The Morning Context is built to serve just one person, you. While we’d love for you to subscribe to read us, if you aren’t up for it, that’s not a deal-breaker. We believe that as a reader you should have the independence to decide what you want to read—the choice should be yours. That’s why we have the credits plan. You can purchase credits, and spend them in reading only what you want.
What are your subscription plans and privileges?
Our subscription plans, quarterly and annual are competitively priced. You can check them out here.
Is there an option for a refund?
We don’t issue refunds. But if there’s something you don’t like we’d certainly like to hear from you. Write to us at support@themorningcontext.com
I want to purchase the quarterly subscription. Why is it only showing a credit card as the only payment option?
Our quarterly subscription only supports recurring payment methods, which are currently limited to cards.
I am a paying subscriber but I am not getting your daily emails. What can I do?
Your mail client’s filters may be delivering our emails in your spam or promotions folder. Please check there. Just to be sure that you don’t miss our daily emails, add newsletters@themorningcontext.com to your address book or simply reply to any of our daily emails.
Can I change my email address?
Yes. Just head to your account settings and update your details.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes. You can cancel your subscription in your account settings. (You’ll still receive our daily story summaries.)
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