The end of the beginning for the gig economy

In some senses, there’s a parallel endgame being played out in India compared with the US and North America where the gig economy is concerned. (And before you ask, no, neither scenario has been contemplated by Dr Strange.)

As Pradip hinted at in his story on the mental and financial strain gig workers face, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the gig economy is the rather crumbly foundation on which billion-dollar businesses are building their delivery empires. And somehow, independent of worker conditions, more and more companies are making plays that seem to be relying on temp workers, as the gig …


Irshad Daftari

Irshad is an adviser and co-founder at The Morning Context, working with the team to build subscriptions and execute growth strategies. Having cut his teeth in journalism, he has subsequently worked in digital marketing and product functions with Star, HT Media and NDTV, growing and nurturing audiences upwards of 30 million cumulatively.

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