WFI a blot on India’s sporting success in 2023

The year began with the wrestlers’ tears of anger and frustration as they protested institutional inaction against the then WFI president, and it ended with their tears of defeat and despair as the system answered their year-long protests with an upraised middle finger.

By any normal yardstick, India had a good year in sport.

For the first time in its history, India’s athletes crossed the 100-medal mark at the Asian Games held in Hangzhou, topping out at 107 medals (28 gold, 38 silver, 41 bronze) to place fourth behind host China, Japan and South Korea.

The standout moment in Hangzhou came when the men’s 4x400 relay team of Muhammed Anas Yahiya, Amoj Jacob, Muhammed Ajmal V. and Rajesh Ramesh blasted past both the national and Asian records with a time of 2:59:05. And as icing on the cake, at the World Athletics Championships …


Prem Panicker

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