Why must you choose the right preschool

Preschool education plays a vital role in developing a child’s social and cognitive skills—and isn’t just about play and fun.

Welcome to the launch edition of First Steps, a monthly newsletter on early years. My aim with the newsletter is to help young parents understand the importance of early childhood—appreciate their opportunities and navigate their challenges. These foundational years often have a lifelong impact on an individual’s physical, social and emotional behaviours. The adults and the environment around the children are two key players that can help young children build their foundational skills and achieve their natural potential. It is, therefore, important for young parents to know how they can identify different behaviours in children during these years and how …


Arati Nanavati

Arati is an early childhood education specialist who is passionate about working with young minds in their formative years. Before joining the education sector in 2015, she had stints in the corporate world and was a full-time parent briefly. Currently, she is handling the school excellence function at a leading pre-school chain, where she helps build curricula, trains teachers and audits centres, besides conducting parenting workshops.