NITI Aayog study urges DigiYatra to clarify rules on passenger info deletion

The think tank has suggested that the biometric passenger database should be stricter with deleting passenger information.

A study by NITI Aayog, a think tank under the Indian government, has recommended that DigiYatra—a government-backed biometric-enabled initiative for flyers—specify the steps it takes to ensure that passengers’ data is deleted from the database after travel. 

DigiYatra is a voluntary facility aimed at allowing seamless movement of passengers at various airport checkpoints using their biometric data. Its policy says passengers’ biometric data collected using facial recognition technology will be purged from the DigiYatra Biometric Boarding System 24 hours after their journey. 

The NITI Aayog study says “the rules related to deletion of other information collected from the passengers, as …


Maanav D J

Maanav is a trainee journalist at The Morning Context. He studied journalism and international relations at St. Joseph’s in Bengaluru.

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