A day in the life of a child counsellor

What motivates these experts to pick up something this onerous? How do they keep going in the face of challenges?

Various editions of First Steps have covered the needs of special needs children, and their parents, and how preschools can gear up to meet these needs. Sifting through these editions, I realized that there is an important perspective we have not covered so far—the people behind figuring out how to meet these needs.

I have always been in awe of the counsellors who put in the hard work, designing such plans and methods. Not least because their work extends well beyond handing over these plans to preschools. First, there is the constant customization that is an outcome of rigorous observation. …


Arati Nanavati

Arati is an early childhood education specialist who is passionate about working with young minds in their formative years. Before joining the education sector in 2015, she had stints in the corporate world and was a full-time parent briefly. Currently, she is handling the school excellence function at a leading pre-school chain, where she helps build curricula, trains teachers and audits centres, besides conducting parenting workshops.