COVID-19: Bittersweet aid from Chinese in the US

The American Chinese community is leading the way on crowdsourcing and donations in the US amid racial tension

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For the past two months, Chinese organizations and individuals in the US have sent countless parcels of supplies over land and sea to the coronavirus outbreak epicentre in Wuhan, as well as to other provinces with smaller clusters. But as the situation in China began to stabilize, it became more apparent with each passing day that the US was about to face the same kind of harrowing protective gear shortages that plagued China during the peak of the outbreak …


Frankie Huang

Frankie Huang is a Chinese American cultural writer, illustrator and strategist based in Shanghai. Her work has appeared in publications such as Foreign Policy, The New York Times and SupChina, and explores feminism, diaspora identity, and social issues in China and beyond. You can follow her on Twitter @ourobororoboruo.