Mad about onions

On a nippy November morning, scores of groggy people queue up outside a Safal grocery store in eastern Delhi’s Patparganj residential area, well before the truck arrives with vegetables and supplies. It is barely dawn, the street lights are on, the shutter of the shop—one of the 400+ Safal retail outlets in National Capital Region—is still down, and conversations are peppered with yawns.

The topic of discussion? Onions. And the 3x surge in their prices, of course.

When the truck finally arrives, and the shutter opens, people throng the shelf that has onions. But as the shop owner puts up …


Pradip K. Saha

Pradip is a co-founder at The Morning Context and leads our newsletters vertical. He has previously worked at The Ken as a staff writer, at Mint as an assistant features editor and the Deccan Chronicle as a copy editor. He works with a slew of expert newsletter writers across subjects and domains. His own writing spans the gig economy, farmers caught in the crossfire of technology, global warming and parents trapped in the edtech wave. Some of his best stories have come at the intersection of technology and human endeavour.

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