Redefining our workspaces

Today, I’d like to draw your attention to contrasting workspaces, and entirely in line with how some things must change. But before that, wow, it is only June. Because it already feels like 2020 has been around for over a decade, and packing as much as the entire of the 2010s in these six months. Where our definitions of personal space, privilege, job security and home life have undergone perhaps a change permanently. 

But what about the workspace? Do we just show up and exchange stories of how we’ve all baked sourdough bread? Do we acknowledge that the pandemic has …


Irshad Daftari

Irshad is an adviser and co-founder at The Morning Context, working with the team to build subscriptions and execute growth strategies. Having cut his teeth in journalism, he has subsequently worked in digital marketing and product functions with Star, HT Media and NDTV, growing and nurturing audiences upwards of 30 million cumulatively.

Growth Adviser