Dubious dealings at property tech startup Strata

A spate of employee exits and potentially misrepresented transactions threaten to derail the promising start made by the young company.

Real estate, especially as an avenue of investment, is a tricky—yet wildly popular—industry. In India particularly, it’s an industry that is often fraught with complex regulation, booms and busts, and occasionally unscrupulous actors. (And that’s without even considering property as a black money or tax evasion channel.)

In any case, the business of investing in real estate is a huge opportunity, and one that several startups have jumped on to. The usual pitch is an innovative financial structure, maybe coupled with some sort of digital platform to get tech company valuations, that allows new kinds of investments.

One such startup …


Arti Singh

Arti is a former writer at The Morning Context. She previously worked with publications such as ET Prime, VCCircle, Firstpost and EETimes. Arti has keenly tracked the evolution of financial technology in India and written some of the defining pieces on the ecosystem as it birthed and matured. Even when not writing about it, she loves to dissect the revenue models, margins and regulations that are shaping the sector.