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  • Bose in the age of streamingRoshni P. Nair
    Bose in the age of streamingOn 15 January, one of the most recognizable flagship brands of all time announced that it was on its knees. Granted that wasn’t the literal announcement, but the space between two sentences can sometimes be more revealing than a book. It was the day Bose Corporation—the sound equipment-turned-tech company that pioneered direct/reflecting and cube speakers, all-in-one stereos and noise cancellation—issued this statement: …Given the dramatic shift to online shopping in […]
  • Can Apple be the new GE for Indian IT?Varun Sood
    Can Apple be the new GE for Indian IT?Before taking over as CEO of Apple Inc. in 2011, Tim Cook’s claim to fame within the company was his overhaul of its supply chain operations. Cook arrived at the firm in 1998 with “a mandate to clean up the atrocious state of Apple's manufacturing, distribution, and supply apparatus”, Fortune magazine reported. He tightened supply, shuttered factories and focused on Chinese and Taiwanese outsourcers. Today, the Cupertino-based company relies on an intricate network of more than 200 third-party suppliers and contract manufacturers around the world, including Foxconn Technology Group and Quanta Computer Inc. Apple spends tens of billions of dollars every year with these companies to bring out some of its best-selling products, from iPhones to MacBooks, and the extent of its outsourcing and global supply chain is well documented. Less attention, however, has been paid to how much Apple spends on outsourcing software services—especially with Indian IT services companies. Till now, there has been no figure reported on Apple’s IT spend.
  • Gaana is all hypeAshish K. Mishra
    Gaana is all hypeGaana has received good press, again. If you aren’t familiar with the company, Gaana is the oldest music streaming enterprise in the country. Incubated by Times Internet, which is owned by Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd, one of the largest media companies in India, with a presence in print, television, radio and digital. BCCL is best known as the publisher of The Times of India, the largest selling English language newspaper in the country. Last week, in a piece in The Wall Street Journal, Gaana claimed it has 152 million monthly active users, or MAUs. The metric refers to the total number of unique visitors who have visited a website or an app in the last month. It is popularly put out by content and social media companies to highlight the number of users who are actively using the service. Most social media companies, in particular, talk about MAUs first and revenue later. Gaana has increasingly been chatty about its MAUs. After all, 152 million active users is not a small number. Roughly the population of Western Europe or about 50% of the people living in the US. Gaana’s latest MAU claim has sent shockwaves through the music streaming business. A careful reading of the article will disappoint. It stopped short of any deep insight into the company, beyond the usual trope of a billion Indians coming online for the first time, and that they love listening to music. It’s worth exploring whether the company really has something going for it.
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