Anil Agarwal just bought himself more time

By pushing for a sale of Vedanta’s global zinc assets to Hindustan Zinc, he may have spooked the government into scrapping a plan to divest its stake in the company.

It’s not the kind of faux pas that you would expect from Anil Agarwal, chairman of Vedanta Resources.

Agarwal proposed the sale of the global zinc assets of Vedanta Resources to the locally listed Hindustan Zinc, in which the government of India holds a 29.5% stake, for $2.9 billion. On 19 January, despite reservations expressed by the three government nominees, Hindustan Zinc’s nine-member board ratified his proposal. This was only to be expected given that Vedanta Ltd owns 65% of Hindustan Zinc. Vedanta Ltd, in turn, is owned by Vedanta Resources.

On the face of it, there appear to be …


T Surendar

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