The risks of flirting with ‘bankrupt’ DHFL’s stock and Damani’s love for real estate

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Jayshree here. A retail investor’s tweet earlier this week disturbed me. He had invested Rs 10 lakh in the DHFL stock and was wondering if he should sell. “Will it be listed or not?” he asked. Hundreds of investors are asking the same question. It’s the wrong question to ask, and I will explain why. 

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T Surendar

Surendar helps lead the newsroom at The Morning Context as executive editor. Over the years, Surendar has worked in industries from pharmaceuticals to diamonds, as well as a stint as an equity analyst. In his long career as a business journalist, he has led teams at The Times of India, India Today and Fortune India. He was part of the founding team at Forbes India and interned at and published in The Times, London.

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Jayshree P. Upadhyay

Jayshree is a former writer at The Morning Context. As journalist, she had nearly a decade of experience across Mint, Business Standard and Bloomberg TV India. The bulk of her career has been devoted to tracking the capital markets regulator, exchanges, regulatory policies, financial scams and corporate governance issues. One of her biggest breaking stories was her incisive coverage of the colocation scam which put the lapses at NSE in the public domain.