A 25-year-old’s crusade to make rich nations pay

Ineza Grace is the personification of the developing world’s struggle to fix accountability for the ongoing climate crisis and end empty promises.

Sitting in one of the common workspaces right in the middle of the busy-as-a-beehive 26th edition of the Conference of Parties, or COP 26 as it is commonly referred to, 25-year-old Ineza Umuhoza Grace from Kigali, Rwanda, is going through the final texts that have emerged after days (and nights) of long negotiations with a fine-tooth comb. Playing with the colourful braids in her hair with one hand, she circles passages in the printouts in front of her with the other and excitedly asks her colleagues about revisions in the document and bracketed texts that have not yet been agreed …


Sibi Arasu

Sibi Arasu is an award-winning journalist who has covered issues pertaining to extreme weather events, climate change adaptation and mitigation, industrial pollution, conservation and conflict between people and wildlife as well as on the rights of the Adivasi or indigenous people of India. As an independent journalist, he has written for multiple news organizations both in India and internationally, including the National Geographic, the BBC, the New Internationalist, the Hindustan Times, Scroll, The Wire, Mongabay and Caravan magazine.