Now, a bill to ease environmental rules for seafood producers

The Coastal Aquaculture Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2023, proposes to exempt India’s seafood industry from coastal regulations, just when the coast needed more protection.

Few Indians would probably be aware of the country’s rising prowess in growing and exporting shrimp. 

Locally enjoyed as a fried snack or used as an ingredient in coconut-based curries, this humble crustacean is going places. There are restaurant chains and grocery stores like Costco in the US where the shrimp comes from a unit in coastal Andhra Pradesh. India’s shrimp exports crossed $5 billion last fiscal, more than the export of basmati rice. The shrimp formed a major chunk of the $8 billion seafood exports; they also include octopus and lobster. Avanti Feeds and Apex Foods are among the …


Nihar Gokhale

Nihar Gokhale led the Chaos coverage at The Morning Context. Nihar wrote on the environment, the economy and resource conflicts in India. He has reported from across the country on everything from displacement, pollution and environmental violations to land regulation, corruption and human rights. He was earlier associate editor at Land Conflict Watch, and his work has appeared in Scroll, The Wire, IndiaSpend, The Caravan and Mongabay India.

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