Anand Mahindra aims to give chess its IPL moment

The billionaire wants to turn the game into a spectator sport with the Global Chess League. Can he pull it off?

When the 2020 chess olympiad was on, Anand Mahindra found himself hooked. “Never thought watching a chess tournament online would grab my attention so strongly,” he tweeted. “But this is a great spectator sport during a lockdown…”

The chairman of the billion-dollar Mahindra Group is known to take an interest in sports. In 2014, he co-founded the Pro Kabaddi League. It’s among the few Indian sporting leagues that haven’t fizzled out after a few editions. Understandably, his tweet sent chess fans into a tizzy.

Someone asked him if he’d consider organizing a chess league sometime. “Happy to talk,” Mahindra replied. …


Omkar Khandekar

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