Being ‘gifted’ is not the gift it is made out to be

The general perception that a gifted child will excel with little effort or guidance is as far from the truth as can be. If anything, such children have special needs that need special attention.

Aryan is a curious boy I knew from one of the preschools I managed. He asked questions that belied his age and was creative, curious, imaginative and observant. His preferred peer group was adults or older children, but he was perfectly happy playing games alone. Teachers and parents, more so, had a tough time keeping him engaged because of the high energy levels of this boy who learned to walk and talk before he was a year old. Teachers said he was naughty and got bored during class activities, even though they were often surprised by his unique and untutored …


Arati Nanavati

Arati is an early childhood education specialist who is passionate about working with young minds in their formative years. Before joining the education sector in 2015, she had stints in the corporate world and was a full-time parent briefly. Currently, she is handling the school excellence function at a leading pre-school chain, where she helps build curricula, trains teachers and audits centres, besides conducting parenting workshops.