Delhi’s silence on Russian aggression will shame a generation of Indians

India is right not to endure the West’s hectoring. But given Delhi’s influence and leverage with the Kremlin, it can do much more than send aid to Ukraine.

India’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine has become a source of frustration and anger for Western leaders. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, India has emerged as a close partner of the US. In recent years, it has been courted by Washington as a democratic counterweight to China. And yet, since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, it has refused to condemn Moscow’s aggression. Along with China and Pakistan, India’s bitter rivals, Delhi has repeatedly abstained from voting on UN resolutions deploring Russia. Those who have championed India as a “global power” in the West are dismayed …


Kapil Komireddi

Kapil is a journalist, book critic and author. His first book, Malevolent Republic: A Short History of the New India (2019), was published to critical and commercial acclaim in India, the UK and the US. He has written from South Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East—including Syria, Pakistan and Palestine—and his work appears, among other publications, in The New York Times, The Critic, Foreign Policy, The Washington Post, The Economist, TIME, CNN, The Guardian and Le Monde diplomatique. He is a frequent contributor to The Spectator and an international affairs panellist on Monocle24 radio.