It’s just my opinion, man

So China, eh? What are those dudes up to? What is going to happen next between India and China? Will India and China go to war? Who will win? Will the US support India? And who will Russia support? And what are the geopolitical something something implications in the Indo-Pacific something something of an Indo-Chinese conflict on the something something power balance something something only time will tell.

Every few months, the moment something flares up on the border between India and China, opinion pages across newspapers all over India choke up with a thousand tedious, repetitive, 100% useless drivel …


Sidin Vadukut

Sidin Vadukut is co-founder and CEO of All Things Small, a non-fiction focused content company. ATS’s latest productions include Mission ISRO, a Spotify Original podcast hosted by Harsha Bhogle, and, a digital publication that tells one great piece of cinematic journalism each week.