Preschools matter; their learning approach matters even more

The learning approach determines the differentiating pedagogy offered by the preschool and what kind of learning journey your child may experience.

The average Indian preschool has, in the last couple of decades, gone from being a glorified play centre, or a pit stop before formal K-12 education, to a learning centre that follows a structured child-centric approach. Another tangible change over the years has been the luxury of choice. Parents today have multiple options for playschools, at least in any tier-1 or tier-2 city. But what differentiates preschools other than location, infrastructure and fee structure? 

It’s their learning approach and philosophy. These approaches can be every bit as complex as a secondary school syllabus, and perhaps more so. After all, the …


Arati Nanavati

Arati is an early childhood education specialist who is passionate about working with young minds in their formative years. Before joining the education sector in 2015, she had stints in the corporate world and was a full-time parent briefly. Currently, she is handling the school excellence function at a leading pre-school chain, where she helps build curricula, trains teachers and audits centres, besides conducting parenting workshops.