Technology (alone) can’t save Indian agriculture

Have you started farming yet? Or made a kitchen garden? Do I hear you say you’re thinking about it? Okay, good. That’s a start.

One of the side effects of an inordinate interest in farming—as I have discovered during our decade-long relationship—is that one develops the tendency to see connections between farming and other things happening in our lives. This usually happens spontaneously, and subconsciously, while visiting the supermarket for groceries (scanning produce opportunities), or enjoying a meal with friends (do I judge those ingredients? Maybe a little), or even driving through the countryside (imagining farms where none exist currently). …


Karan Manral

Karan Manral is a co-founder of organic farming ventures Green Essentials and New Farmer. After dabbling with technology media, communication and marketing, and some kitchen gardening simultaneously, he (and his partner Yogita Mehra) took the plunge into organic farming full time a decade ago and has since been trying to make growing food more accessible for novice urban farmers.