The sentencing of Shri Pavan, aka Oban

Found guilty of repeatedly straying out of Kuno National Park, the ‘immigrant’ cheetah is handed down harsh punishment.

The following are leaked transcripts from a recent hearing before a special tribunal related to a matter of urgent national importance.

In the matter of:

The Union of India & The State of Madhya Pradesh

Represented by: The Attorney General 


Shri Pavan, aka Oban, an Indian national cheetah, aged about 5 years

Represented by: Shri R. Dutta, Adv.

25th April 2023.

Tribunal: Respondent has been arraigned before us and injected with an optimal dose of ketamine to impede muscle movement and yet remain mentally and legally alert. Counsel may proceed with the arguments.

Attorney general: Your lordships, this case …


Nihar Gokhale

Nihar Gokhale led the Chaos coverage at The Morning Context. Nihar wrote on the environment, the economy and resource conflicts in India. He has reported from across the country on everything from displacement, pollution and environmental violations to land regulation, corruption and human rights. He was earlier associate editor at Land Conflict Watch, and his work has appeared in Scroll, The Wire, IndiaSpend, The Caravan and Mongabay India.

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