The stuff that doesn't matter

Welcome to this second edition of One Less Thing To Worry About. First of all apologies if this whole newsletter seems a little breathless. I've had the most extraordinarily busy but wonderful week and, as we speak, it is lunchtime on Friday and Ashish is incessantly pinging me on WhatsApp, poking me on Slack, DMing me on Twitter, IMing me on Facebook and leaving critical reviews of my skills and competencies on LinkedIn.

But let this be a learning moment for all of us. You see the vast majority of everything you read in a newspaper, website and/or magazine was …


Sidin Vadukut

Sidin Vadukut is co-founder and CEO of All Things Small, a non-fiction focused content company. ATS’s latest productions include Mission ISRO, a Spotify Original podcast hosted by Harsha Bhogle, and, a digital publication that tells one great piece of cinematic journalism each week.