Understand your child’s learning style to give them a better future

Children have preferred learning styles. Understanding how a child receives information and learns can not only lead to better learning outcomes but also help shape their future better.

From the time a child is born, we as parents are curious about our child’s likes and dislikes at every stage—favourite foods, colours he gets attracted to, faces she loves, things they get attached to and so on. As they get older, it turns towards physical appearance. 

Over the years, I have seen countless parents who get confused and anxious because they are unable to understand their toddlers. This is more common in first-time parents and has increased multifold since the pandemic. Why, you may ask. Because in many cases, these pandemic parents didn’t have the wealth of the lived …


Arati Nanavati

Arati is an early childhood education specialist who is passionate about working with young minds in their formative years. Before joining the education sector in 2015, she had stints in the corporate world and was a full-time parent briefly. Currently, she is handling the school excellence function at a leading pre-school chain, where she helps build curricula, trains teachers and audits centres, besides conducting parenting workshops.