What a police survey tells us about the new surveillance state

A census of the North-East community in Delhi by the police seeks personal details in the name of security, sparking profiling and privacy concerns.

Delhi’s 200,000-strong population from the North-East is no stranger to harassment and discrimination. In such situations, it can and does turn to the Delhi Police Special Unit for North-Eastern Region, or SPUNER, set up in 2014. Within the community, it is seen as a fairly reliable force. But that reputation may have taken a hit in the last couple of weeks.

The reason being a survey launched by SPUNER last month. On 28 July, the unit circulated a Google form among the city’s residents from the North-East. While filling it was voluntary, it required sharing a number of personal …


Ayush Tiwari

Ayush reported on the travails of the media and social media platforms in India at The Morning Context. He was previously at Newslaundry, where he reported on sectarian violence and politics from Northeast India, Kashmir and North India.