What I learnt being a part of a Nobel Peace Prize contender

More than anything else, at Karwan-e-Mohabbat, we discovered the potential within each one of us. The power of community. Of connecting with others and extending ourselves.

I was on my way back after a day of teaching at Ashoka University last week when I noticed a group of young people with half-empty backpacks at the Jahangirpuri metro station in north Delhi. They were in a loose huddle and something about their energy caught my attention. One of them broke away and came towards me.

“Ma’am, are you a member of Karwan-e-Mohabbat?” she asked me. I nodded a yes. “I follow your work, we really like the videos you share,” she said. “You are Natasha Bad…” She paused to let me help her with my uncommon second …


Natasha Badhwar

Natasha is a writer, filmmaker and communications coach. She is the author of the popular memoirs My Daughters’ Mum and Immortal for a Moment. Her columns have appeared in publications such as Mint Lounge, The Hindu, Outlook, The Globe and Mail, The Indian Express, the Hindustan Times and Quint.