What I learnt from Cyclone Michaung

The catastrophe that recently swept Chennai is a stark reminder of the vulnerability of our homes. The priority for homeowners is clear: Your home needs to be safeguarded.

As Cyclone Michaung unleashed its fury on Chennai, where I live, I found myself—safe and dry in Bengaluru—trying very hard not to chew my nails in anxiety. My family, thankfully, was secure and stocked up on essentials, but there was so much damage around that they were totally out of range of communication. Social media laid bare the devastation the cyclone caused to the homes of friends and acquaintances. Pictures and videos of submerged living rooms and ravaged rooftops, desperate cries for help and evacuation painted a grim picture of the looming reality: The increasing ferocity of natural disasters in …


Lavanya Mohan

Lavanya Mohan is a chartered accountant and writer from Chennai.